As You Are
He loves her just as she is.
Buffy/Angel. PG.

Cloaks and Geeks
To bait Cordelia, Lorne needs a cloak. Where better to turn than a known geek?

It’s all a battle for control.
Wes/Lilah, Wes/Angel, Oz/Angel. R.

Gotta Have Faith
Sometimes, you just have to have a little Faith.
Crossover with
Faith/Liv. R.

This is not the worst moment of Wesley’s life.
Wes/Angel. PG-13.

In Dreams
Faith has a very lifelike dream about Lilah.
Faith/Lilah. R.

Late Night Visits
Lilah visits Wesley after she’s dead.
Wes/Lilah. PG.

Of Great Importance
Set in the AU of “Birthday”, Gunn thinks that Wes doesn’t know anyone important.
Wes/Gunn. R.

Wesley finds himself in a club outside L.A. and an ex-lawyer.
Wes/Lindsay. R.

In the aftermath of “Tomorrow”, they think about what’s happened.

Stranger Things
Gunn still loves Wesley.
Wes/Gunn. PG-13.

That Which She Is Named
Lorne names Her.