Band of Brothers

A Love Like The Sea
Joe Liebgott is roused in the middle of the night by a phone call (an intervention in disguise) and ends up anchored down to one place while he tries to reconcile the man he’s become with the man who went to war.
Webster/Liebgott. R.

The Easy Favorite
There are stories no matter where you are, but it’s hard to stop them from spreading — true or not.
Buck/Multiple. R.

The Roads You Walk
Everything’s perfect in hindsight.
Liebgott/Webster. R.

We Leave This Life Unfinished
In Christenson’s sketchbook, the history of Easy Company is kept in landscapes, portraits, and caricatures.
Webster/Liebgott. PG.

Take Me Out

Take Me Out
It’s the beginning of another legendary season and Team E has been training for this for too long to do anything but win.
Lipton/Speirs, Babe/Roe, Winters/Nixon, Webster/Liebgott. R.

All’s Well That Ends Vaguely Sober
It’s Welsh’s bachelor party. It might as well be the last night on Earth.
Muck/Malarkey, Winters/Nixon, Webster/Liebgott. R.