House MD


Drugs. Could kill you any moment, little pills we so casually take. Chase gets a lesson in that.

Scenes From A Short Film, Rated R
Dreams, real life, and the sex that binds them.

Sinner’s Salvation
Chase is curious about fire. Maybe he just wants to get burned. Maybe House is willing to help.

Something happened three weeks ago, but no one knows what.

House watches Chase and pushes until he breaks. That’s when House can put him back together.

MarionetteHouse and Chase could either be ex-colleagues, affair-havers, or bowling buddies. Or they could just be friends.

Puzzle Me This
Everything always comes back, no matter how you try to ignore it.

The Why’s & Wherefore’s of KiltsChase finds House lying on the floor and they get to discussing a myriad of things. Including Catholic schoolgirl kilts.


The Communion of Saints
They aren’t looking for a relationship, but they manage to cobble a friendship together out of trysts, talking about House, and conversations about the Saints.
Chase/Wilson. PG-13.

Chase falls prey to what Wilson is best at; making people feel wanted.
Chase/Wilson, Chase/Cameron. PG-13.

During one of the worst storms Princeton has ever seen, Wilson comes to a decision.


Deciphering Chase
Sometimes, Foreman wishes he had a dictionary to help him decode Chase.

Five Bad Ideas Foreman Had (Because Someone Distracted Him)
Foreman gets distracted. Someone’s to blame.

Chase starts something one night when he kisses Foreman.

Twelve Days of Christmas
It’s Christmas and Foreman’s secret santa is confounding him.

You’ll Remember This
Years from now, there are certain things Eric Foreman is not going to forget.


Adventures in the Janitor’s Closet
What you get when you put House, Wilson, mistletoe and a janitor’s closet together.

The Start of Something Legendary
Wilson’s famed DHA when applied to House.

Three Points To Any Triangle
House is ready to fall.

Things The Lunchlady Hears
The lunchlady overhears many things.


Chase falls prey to what Wilson is best at; making people feel wanted.
Chase/Wilson, Chase/Cameron. PG-13.

Test Subjects
House wants to test out black market drugs and Chase and Cameron give him the help he needs.
Crossover with Neil Gaiman’s short story ‘Changes’.┬áR.

Gen & Other

House tries to make some money on the side. Set during Mirror, Mirror
Gen. Rated PG.

Declare the Past, Diagnose the Present
Chase, Cameron, and Foreman each have a unique patient to deal with.
Gen. Rated PG-13.

Diagnosis: Hired
How Chase got to be hired by House.
Gen. PG.

House doesn’t believe in things like fortune telling.
Gen. PG.

Earthly Lot
How do you measure a man’s greatness? By his obituary.
Gen. Rated PG.

Kutner wants to learn a thing or two from Chase.
Chase/Kutner. Rated PG-13.

Fathers and Sons
Chase and House know a thing or two about disappointing fathers, even dead ones.

Going, Going…Gone
House interferes to do some charity work at the Bachelor Auction.
Cameron/Cuddy. Rated PG.

The In-Betweens
Chase is tired of being in the middle of House and Wilson’s prank war.
Gen. PG-13.

The deepest scars are on the inside.
Gen. Rated PG-13.

Seeking Solace
A What-If? What if Robert Chase had become a priest, but wound up at PPTH anyhow?
Gen. Rated PG.

Six Months
It’s House and Cameron’s six month anniversary.
House/Cameron. Rated PG-13.

Three A.M.
House finds an interesting letter at three AM.
Gen. Rated PG-13.

Where There Is Doubt
While House struggles to find reason in the ‘why’, Chase wonders ‘why not him’. Set after ‘Simple Explanation’.
Gen. Rated PG.

The Marathon Series
A five-part completed series.

In which House runs a marathon of odd proportions.
House/Chase. Rated PG-13.

Sleeping With The Devil
House is a jerk to people he hasn’t slept with. And sometimes, he’s a jerk to the ones he has slept with too.
House/Chase. Rated R.

Glutton For Punishment
No matter what Chase does, House is still going to treat him like crap.
House/Chase. Rated PG-13.

Revenge Is Best Served Cold
Something is going on with Chase and House isn’t about to let him get one up over him.
House/Chase. Rated PG-13.

Elementary, My Dear Wilson
House is going to find out who Chase slept with and Chase is going to end the game.
House/Chase, House/Wilson. Rated PG-13.

Time MD Series
Crossover with Doctor Who

Time Keeps On Repeating
The day won’t end until they get it right.
Gen. Rated PG-13.

Shaken & Stirred
The Doctor brings Chase to the future for a good time, but is thwarted when an old disease breaks out anew.
Gen. Rated PG-13.