All The Faces You Wear
Arthur’s known Eames for a while now and he’s always wearing different faces, hiding the one Arthur prefers to see.
Arthur/Eames. PG.

Darling, Don’t Fade On Me
Ten years ago, they achieved successful inception. Since then, Eames’ sanity has slowly begun to splinter into various forgeries. Arthur puts together a plan to complete inception once more and bring Eames back to the world. Despite the threat of failure, losing Eames, and the perils of limbo, Arthur is willing to try anything.
WARNING: This fic deals with mental illness as applies to the physics and workings of the dream-world. This may touch upon sensitive subjects.
Arthur/Eames. PG-13.

Peanut Butter and Fixed Term Five-Year Plans
Arthur’s first impression of William Eames was that no living man should ever have that much flour smeared over his face, that no real person should have that many tattoos, and that no person in his personal history had ever made Arthur feel so suddenly off-kilter without even saying a word.
Arthur/Eames. PG-13.

You’re In A Maze
Ariadne glimpses two sides of a story half-told.
Arthur/Eames. PG-13.