King Arthur

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger
Galahad and Gawain train and Gawain postulates on why he is just that much better than Galahad.
Gawain/Galahad. R.

Galahad returns from growing up, to Gawain’s great surprise at how much he’s changed and yet, stayed the same.
Gawain/Galahad. R.

Calm Before The Storm
Galahad breaks.
Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

In the middle of the night, there is an attack which sets a chain of events into motion. Among them, Galahad falls in love, Tristan recovers from a minor injury and there is darkness.
Tristan/Galahad, Galahad/Gawain. NC-17.

It’s not the quantity that matters.
Gawain/Tristan. PG-13.

Conflict of Communication
A fight breaks out because of miscommunication.
Gawain/Tristan. PG-13.

Flimsy Cloths
When Gawain grew out of his tunic, he gave it to Galahad, never thinking of the consequences.
Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

For Lack Of A Better Life
What might have been.
Gawain/Galahad, Arthur/Lancelot. PG-13.

Freedom lurks around the corner and Lancelot begins to doubt that’s what he ever wanted.
Arthur/Lancelot. PG-13.

Friends in Demonic Places
Crowley hangs around Briton.
Good Omens/King Arthur Crossover. PG-13.

The Game
All men were boys once and they played their games.
Galahad/Gawain, Gawain/Tristan, Tristan/Galahad. R.

The Greatest Sickness of All
Lancelot is sick of Galahad and Gawain.
Arthur/Lancelot, Galahad/Gawain. PG-13.

Now that their time in the service is through, Gawain doesn’t know what to do with himself.
Gawain/Galahad. PG.

Let It Snow
Arthur gives his Knights a winter training session that descends into chaos.
Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

Five years after Badon Hill, the remaining Knights assemble for another funeral.
Galahad/Gawain. PG-13.

Gawain keeps time to keep going.
Galahad/Gawain. R.

Mission Improbable
The Knights are on a mission.
Minor Gawain/Galahad, Arthur/Lancelot. PG-13.

A series of ficlets about the King Arthur ‘verse, were magic a part of their universe.
Various pairings. PG-13.

Gawain holds Galahad’s firsts.
Galahad/Gawain. PG-13.

Galahad is Tristan’s, through and through.
Galahad/Tristan. PG.

What Arthur and Galahad discussed in the middle of the Briton forest.
Arthur/Lancelot, Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

It’s time for a change.
Gawain/Galahad. PG.

The Smallest Sacrifice
It’s the small sacrifices that make the difference when Galahad runs for Sarmatia.
Gawain/Galahad. R.

Gawain speaks for Galahad.
Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

Stop Start
A different kind of first kiss.
Gawain/Galahad. PG.

Galahad draws on his strength from those around him.
Arthur/Galahad, Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

Thicker Than Blood
After the battle of Badon Hill, there are wounds to tend to.
Mild Gawain/Galahad. PG.

Turning the Tables
Gawain has this little fantasy involving Galahad and a round table.
Gawain/Galahad. R.

They’ve come up against their worst enemy. The truth.
Gawain/Galahad, Arthur/Guinevere. NC-17.


The Courtship Series

The Courtship of Sir Galahad
Galahad doesn’t know how to court a woman.
Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

The Wooing of Sir Galahad
When Gawain needs to woo back Galahad, the other knights come to the rescue.
Gawain/Galahad. PG-13.

Legends of the Round Table

Over the many years, the Knights of the Round Table created legendary stories.

These are some of Galahad’s.
Gawain/Galahad. R.

These are some of Gawain’s.
Galahad/Gawain, Arthur/Lancelot. R.

Modern Day Legends

A modern-day King Arthur AU.

Modern Day Legends
Everyone is good at something. Arthur and his Knights. They were experts at killing.
Various pairings. R.

Interlude #1: Thrill of the Kill
Gawain’s first kill; adrenaline makes you do funny things.
Gawain/Dagonet. R.

Interlude #2: Change, Stay The Same
Things change, they stay the same. Without Dinidan, things happen.
Tristan/Dinidan/Isolde. R.