Black Hawk Down

Don’t Tell
Sand, soap, a mistake. That’s what Gordon keeps thinking.
Shughart/Gordon. Rated PG-13.

The games they play.
Gen. Rated PG.

A Mile in the Medic’s Boots
Schmid sees a lot of things in a typical day.
Gen. Rated PG-13.

Practice Makes Perfect
The boys have a bit of a game going on, in which practice makes perfect.
Gen. Rated R.

Seismic Activity
Schmid can’t stop his hands from shaking and Beales knows what that’s like.
Gen. Rated R.

Broken Heart’s Club

Cole’s Epiphany
Cole has an epiphany.
Rated R.

Now and Then
There’s a difference between then and now.
Howie/Marshall. Rated R.

A Perfect Match
Benji wants to find his perfect match.
Benji. Rated PG-13.


Lapse of Sanity
Paige chooses to dance instead of drink (BtVS/Charmed x-over).
Paige/Faith. Rated R.

Lost In Dreams
They dream in colour.

Love You Forever
She’s mourning her mother’s death.

Mortal Coil
As Piper ages, Leo decides whether he will live or die.

Prue’s gone through many stages in regards to magic.

You watch them, and can’t seem to stop.

Coupling UK

Danger, Steve Taylor, Danger!
Steve gets into a troubling situation.
Steve/Jeff, Sally/Patrick. Rated PG-13.


Casey is addicted, in more than one way.
Implied Casey/Delilah, minor Casey/Zeke. Rated PG-13.

Fantastic Four

The Scientific Process of Sex
Reed’s a scientist first and foremost and Sue would kill him if she knew he was experimenting on
their private life.

Johnny/Reed, Sue/Reed. Rated R.

Now You See Me
Sue reflects on her powers, and then just simply refracts light around her when Reed gets home.
Sue/Reed. Rated R.


Zoe on honor.
Rated PG-13.

Sizing It Up
River struggles as Simon helps as Jayne watches.
Simon/Jayne. Rated PG.

How I Met Your Mother

Making Records
Robin said he couldn’t get it, so Barney sets out to prove her wrong.
Barney/Robin. Rated PG.


Five Cons That Didn’t Go As Planned
Five encounters that Mickey Bricks’ crew had with Nate Ford’s.
Gen. PG.


Five Cons That Didn’t Go As Planned
Five encounters that Mickey Bricks’ crew had with Nate Ford’s.
Gen. PG.

Life On Mars

And Bring In The New
Sam Tyler rings in the New Year until there are no more.
mild Sam/Annie. Rated PG-13.

Lord of the Rings

Pippin finds comfort in Merry’s arms.

A Long Expected Party
In which Middle Earth is a university; Merry and Pippin need a place for their party.

Sometimes, Pippin looks after Merry.

Sins of the Past
They have committed their sins.

To Be
Aragorn longs for something.

The Way It Was
Pippin wants things to go back to how they were before the Quest.
Merry/Pippin. R.


Ground Rules
Sawyer wakes to find that things just aren’t right.
Slight Sawyer/Kate. Rated R.

Sawyer does a bit of inventory.
Rated PG-13.

Sawyer meets an interesting kid in a diner who’s too hot for his own good.
Lost/X2 Crossover. Sawyer/Pyro. Rated R.

Seven Instances of a First Kiss
Seven instances of a first kiss.
Multifandom. Sawyer/OC, Gawain/Galahad, Hugh/Orlando, Dom/Billy, Charlie/Liam, Jack/Johnny, Ioan/Hugh. Rated PG-13.

You Are Here
Jack just wants some direction.
Rated PG.

Men With Brooms

Some people get pressed into the Army and some get pushed into curling.
Gen. Rated PG.

Pride & Prejudice

A Different Storybook Ending
AU: In which Mr. Darcy finds love in another Bennet sister.
Mr. Darcy/Jane Bennet. Rated PG-13.

State of Play

Some Nights
Some nights are normal. Some nights are anything but.
Gen. Rated PG.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

they support each other.