Star Trek

Angels & Ministers of Grace
Pike should have known he was in trouble the minute a fuzzy-face angel awoke him from surgery. He also should have known Jim Kirk wouldn’t let go without a fight.
Pike/fem!McCoy, Kirk/fem!McCoy. PG-13.

Bones and the 2.0
At first, Jim had thought it only a prank. Turns out, you don’t joke about McCoy-Prime being on the ship. He just is.
Kirk/McCoy, Spock-Prime/McCoy-Prime. PG-13.

The Curious Case of Self-Control
Written for a kink meme prompt. Somehow, they’ve switched bodies. Somehow, things aren’t as bad as they could be.
Kirk/McCoy. R.

Eighteen Is Only Good For Other Eighteen-Year-Olds
What’s Jim to do when Bones hates Starfleet and acts like he wants to screw everything that moves? Avoid him, of course.
Kirk/McCoy. PG-13.

Get In This Car, Let’s Run
After McCoy’s divorce, he heads out with his truck intending to get to an interview. One night in South Dakota and a stranger at dinner changes all his plans.
Kirk/McCoy. NC-17.

Logical Proceedings
Spock has noticed that the Captain and Doctor have mutual feelings and finds it illogical. Hence, the most suitable course of action is the making of matches.
Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura. PG-13.

Medically Speaking, You’re Adorable
Jim thought it was just a one night stand until McCranky turns out to be his Professor McCoy.
Kirk/McCoy, Jocelyn/McCoy. R.

The Savage Heart
The wildly popular Harlequin Series (a series of bodice ripper paperback romances) just might be James T. Kirk’s favorite selection of literature. Not that he’d ever let anyone outside of the Harlequin Book Club know that little fact.
Kirk/McCoy. PG-13. Cowritten with atomicskull

Jim has wanted Bones for ages but figures he’s just not the good doctor’s type (despite knowing Bones is bisexual). Then he meets Bones’ ex. Kirk realizes that maybe, just maybe, McCoy hasn’t been fully truthful about the whole “not attracted to you [Jim]” thing.
Kirk/McCoy. R

Typical Starfleet Nights
Kirk and McCoy are in trouble for causing a ruckus in a bar near campus. They deal with their holding cell in creative ways.
Kirk/McCoy. NC-17.

Well, I Heard…
Jim does well for himself at the Academy when it comes to sex. He just also apparently has done well in getting himself into an open-relationship that he knows nothing about.
Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/OMC, Kirk/OFC. R.


Hard-Earned Rights
Kirk is in a shuttle accident.
Kirk/McCoy. PG-13.

Just About Time
Don’t you think it’s time?
Kirk/McCoy. PG-13.

The Graceful Waltz
This dancing around each other has to end at some point. Bones makes a move and Jim goes home.
Kirk/McCoy. PG-13.


The Age of Heroes & Villains
Jim hasn’t been a Normal since he was ten years old. Now that mutant-rights are beginning to be fought for, he’s on the cutting edge of it all. He just wishes he didn’t have to keep his abilities secret from his best friend.
Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Chekov. PG-13.