The West Wing

Both Sides Of The Fence
Ainsley wants to know why Sam Seaborn cares so much about Matt Skinner.
Implied Josh/Sam. Rated PG.

Driving the Future
It was their fourth press conference of the year and Josh was late.

Radio Silence
They have comfortable silences on the phone.
Josh/Sam. Rated PG.

Ten Tips For More Successful Hypnosis
Leo brings in a hypnotist to relax the Senior Staff. Things go awry.
Josh/Sam, CJ/Toby. Rated R.

The Fit To Print Series

All That’s Fit to Print
In the midst of speech-writing for a dinner, an article comes out that’s less than good news for the Senior Staff and definitely enough to put Josh through hell.
Josh/Sam. Rated PG-13.

Bad Case of Loving You
Donna lives the life of an assistant in the midst of Sam and Josh’s coupling.
Josh/Sam. Rated PG-13.

Tomorrow, No One Will Remember
Sam’s got articles to worry about, a speech, and a couple of political explosions. So he shouldn’t be thinking about Josh, but he can’t seem to get away from it.
Josh/Sam. Rated R.